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How to Get the Journal Article?
PubMed does not include full text journal articles. Here are some tips for obtaining articles. Section Contents * Many articles are available for free. * If you are a physician, researcher, or health professional, utilize your affiliation with a medical library or institution. * If you are a member of the general public or not affiliated with a medical library or institution, try finding free copies, check with your local library, or go directly to the publisher.
Can a disc herniation cause paralysis?
The spinal cord stops high up in the spine (lumbar 1) so there are only nerve roots in the lumbar spine. Nerve roots are very tough structures, so even a sizable disc herniation is very unlikely to cause paralysis. Rarely, a large disc herniation can cause loss of bowel or bladder control due to damage to the sacral nerves, or progressive weakness in the legs due to damage to the lumbar nerve roots. If you experience either of these conditions, medical attention should be sought immediately.
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